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Tip Top Bengals Joy


Nicknamed Jules.

First Bengal arrived at home, it was a real thunderbolt for the whole family.


Jules lives in the cat group of St Sever, with Love Me, our Abyssinian male, also intact.

Of an unfailing kindness, of a beautiful type (beautiful head with a green look, short and thick tail, rosettes crimped and nicely contrasted), of a terrible power, this cat warmed our heart after the loss of Lolo , one of our Abyssinians, to whom we were all particularly attached.

He also turned out to be playful, dynamic and very easy to live with, and convinced us that the Bengal breed corresponded to our expectations when it came to our cats.

Dad :Kanpur Hottis, Bengal Brown tabby rosetted.

Mother :Astarte Enjoy, Bengal Brown tabby rosetted

Leocat's Oslo


Oslo was born at the famous Leocat's Bengal kennel. 

He carries great hopes.

He has an absolutely remarkable dress, and has a very large size. With its warm tone and contrasting coat adorned with set rosettes, it does not go unnoticed! 

He is very popular with the judges, who cannot see in the exhibition how nice and purring he is in private.

First babies expected in 2019. 

Dad :Happycat Midnight in Paris - Bengal brown tabby rosetted 

Mother :Leocats's New York Melody

- Bengal brown tabby rosetted 

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