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The Bengal : Description of the breed

Born in 1963 at Jean S. Mill from the fruit of improbable love between a wild cat and a domestic cat, this relatively recent breed of cats is unique in its kind : a leopard dress on a cat domestic. 

She is the product of the cross between a wild species, the ALC (Asian Cat Leopard, le  Asian Leopard Cat), and the domestic cat.

If the ALC is a wild cat with a reserved character (although in captivity it can fit into a family), the Bengal has a rather fabulous character. Indeed, the hybrids are systematically married with the domestic cat for 5 generations minimum, so that the character is that of a domestic cat, or in the Bengal, a particularly playful and dynamic cat.

Impossible to get bored, it is both an anti-depressant and an anxiolytic, with a touch of stimulant.

The powerful Bengal can reach large sizes for males (6-7 kg). He likes to move, run, jump, play, so he will appreciate being given a little time during the day. He is often, like the Abyssinian, a fan of cat wheels.

Its physique is not only characterized by its coat, it is also a characteristic silhouette, the croup higher than the withers, it is a wild-type head and with small ears, magnificent gold or green or even blue eyes depending on the type of dress, and a rather short and thick tail.

The dress can have different patterns :

-    The famous rosettes, which can be more or less large, closed, contrasting,

-     Arrowheads,

-     Marble, less known but also interesting, especially when it is worked.

If the color brown is the best known, other colors exist, such as snow, mink, melanistic, or charcoal.

Beyond the color, the Bengal's coat is soft as silk, and has a unique characteristic inherited from its ancestor ALC : glitter, which gives the hair a superb golden sheen.

The dress takes several months before being final, and the kittens have a so-called Fuzzy period, during which the color is not very contrasting, which corresponds to a camouflage dress, which would allow them to go unnoticed in their natural environment. Also, it is difficult for the future buyer to guess what his adult cat will look like.

In summary :a dynamic family cat to occupy your days.

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