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the abyssinian

The Abyssinian: description of the breed:

This lively and dynamic little feline is an ideal life companion. He brings cheerfulness into the house, and is never stingy with hugs and other purrs.


Very close to the man, he will always be close to you, perched if possible, watching your every move. Attention to the guests : if he likes them, and this is often the case, he will not hesitate to climb on their shoulders to come and rub his head on theirs. He will constantly try to do the same to you, especially at mealtimes, patiently waiting for a piece of meat, and contenting himself with caresses if you do not want to share your bowl.

Its look is quite unique among the many breeds of cats : we say the Abyssinian is a direct descendant of Egyptian cats, because of its haughty head carriage and its refined elegance. It is indeed one of the oldest breeds of cats.

A characteristic of race : ticking. The coat alternates light and dark areas, giving the coat this original, very structured appearance.  This one is smooth and shiny, but also very soft.

In summary :an extra family cat that will not leave you indifferent with its charisma and beauty.

Love Me Tender de Meynac
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