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A family project



It's a long family story that began 40 years ago, when a veterinarian in military service had to sterilize Lili, the little tricolor gutter of a young chemist.

There followed a marriage, 3 daughters, and a slightly crazy family, which began to accumulate critters of all kinds: dogs, cats, fish, turtles, canaries, parakeets, parrots, geese, rabbits...

Then one day, a purebred cat, a sacred Birman, particularly nice, arrived in the home. A huge crush, given his immense kindness.

This was followed by the discovery of different races, Persian, Siamese, Abyssinians, and finally Bengals.

It is in this context that our passion for animals was born, as well as the desire to breed.

After giving birth to litters for years (Persians, Abyssinians), we have chosen to focus on two breeds, the ones we currently like the most, the Abyssinian and the Bengal.


At present, we count about twenty 20 cats on two sites:

-         _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d surrounded by 13 neutralized cats;

-          Le reste des reproducteurs sont in Aurice, in family life also with 3 females also neutralized.

Our cats are above all our life companions, and their first role is to honor us with their feline presence, and if they wish (and they often wish to our greatest happiness), to give us purrs and hugs.


This breeding project is mainly led by myself, Marie-Dorothée. I am specialized in reproductive biology (PhD in Agronomy Sciences), in love with animals and passionate about breeding. I take care of the females and the rearing of the kittens.

Breeding decisions (orientation of work, choice of parents, marriages, etc.) are taken jointly with Virginie, my sister. Due to her job as a physiotherapist, she has a fairy knack allowing maximum well-being to our darlings. And she is particularly good at preparing and presenting cats at shows (and knows how to keep her cool in any situation!).

Health monitoring is carried out by our father, Michel Castets, a now retired veterinarian but still passionate about his profession. He is assisted by our mother, Marie-France, who was his veterinary assistant for a long time, and who excels in the little care given to the animals. She, better than anyone, knows how to guess the slightest change in the mood of our hairballs.

Thus, in 2017, with a long feline experience, we officially launched our cattery.

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